meet barb

  • aloha

  • I'm a free spirit, a lover of life, carefree and happy - characteristics that often manifest in my photography.


    I'm pretty sure I won the jackpot in the lottery of life. Living a simple island life with my little family under the palm trees of Maui, Hawaii, I enjoy raising our daughter, surfing and playing in the ocean, and pretty much anything else that takes me outside into the sunshine.


    I love making and observing connections, and I can't wait to meet you!

some random facts about me
  • some random facts about me

    • - The best day of my life was September 15, 2014, when I married my husband in the ocean on our surfboards.
    • - The other best day of my life was October 29, 2015, the day I gave birth to our daughter Kate, and realized the human capacity to love is infinite.
    • - I'm a bit too honest (probably because I'm the world's worst liar) and never too serious.
    • - I love the ocean. It fascinates me, keeps me balanced, and makes me whole. If I could be a mermaid, I probably would.
    • - I also love stripes. And papayas. And baking. And music as well as silence. See, completely random.

my credentials
  • my credentials

  • If you were hoping for a bio or resume, here is the short version:

    • - Born and raised in Switzerland amongst 3 brothers and many pets.
    • - Went to college in Colorado and graduated in 1998 with an associates degree in photography.
    • - Worked as a photographer ever since (and often simultaneously as a nanny).
    • - Won a few photography awards and, more importantly, the hearts of many families.