I think more families with grown kids should do what this family does – once a year, they pick a destination, fly in from the various places they call home, and spend the week together. Relaxing, having fun, catching up, and just enjoying each other’s company.

They chose Maui this year and invited me to their rental house to document their togetherness. When I arrived, everyone was gathered around the pool, enjoying a live Hawaiian music and hula dance performance. Soon they too were learning some hula dance moves, first the girls and then the guys! As if on cue, a rainbow appeared over the mountain, toes got dipped into the pool as the sunset, and they enjoyed the day’s last light while strumming the guitar and relaxing on the lawn.

They posed for a few photos here and there but mostly just wanted memories of what being together looked like at this time in life, so that is exactly what we made. My favorite way to document a family.

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session type: vacation play date session

location: private Launiopoko home, Lahaina, Maui

time of day: sunset