The big celebration giveaway!

Thank you for celebrating the launch of the new Barb Toyama branding and website with me!

Join the giveaway to win an Ocean Play Date Photography Session!

As if you needed an excuse to plan a trip to Hawaii, right?

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(note: the session takes place here on Maui, and does not include travel).

  • Danielle Whitlock said:

    Congratulations on your new looks amazing and does a great job a showcasing how incredible you are at what you do! Your personality shines through!
    Looking forward to seeing the magic you worked with our family last month and hoping that I win so that I can start planning my next trip ;)
    All the best!

    • barbtoyama said:

      Oh thank you so much for your kind words Danielle! Your photos are going to be finished this week, and you know I'd love for you to win, best get that next trip planned right away ;)

  • Jennifer said:

    So so exciting!!! I love the new look !

    • barbtoyama said:

      Thank you so much! It is so very exciting!

  • Jennifer said:

    Me again1

    • barbtoyama said:

      Thank you Abbe! You know I'd love it if you win!

  • Lynn Fazio said:

    Hi Barb,

    I hope you still have the Fazio/Sturla/Bradley clan on your calendar for Jan 5. There will be 6 adults and the kids -- 10, 4 and 2. We really look forward to our third family session with you. I will be in touch directly soon to firm things up

    • barbtoyama said:

      Hi Lynn! Yes, I have you all on my calendar, I'm really looking forward to it!

  • Minhui lee said:

    Congrats barb! New brand or not you are still the most talented family photographer i know! *crossing fingers for the win!*

    • barbtoyama said:

      Hi Minhui, thank you so much for your kind words! I'm crossing my fingers for you, it would be so fun to photograph your family again!

  • Minhui Lee said:

    Congrats, Barb! New brand or not, you are still the most talented family photographer we know! *crossing fingers for the win!*

  • Mali said:

    Everything looks gorgeous!

    • barbtoyama said:

      Thank you so much Mali!

  • Lisa Wilson said:

    Barb - I LOVE the new website and branding!!! I can't wait to poke around it some more. So glad you kept the section re: your environmental stewardship (and even added other ways you give back). I know I've shared this with you before: When I stumbled across your website last year, I immediately knew you were the perfect photographer to document our time in Maui throughout the years. I saw your heart...not only through your gorgeous photographs, but also in what you said about caring deeply for the environment. Love that! Yes - You definitely are an "artist who sees with her heart" :) We can't wait to see you in January! Yay!!!!

    • barbtoyama said:

      Thank you Lisa! Oh I can't wait for January, yay so happy to photograph your sweet family again!!

  • Sandra said:

    Wenn jemand so begeistert über eine Webseite ist wie Kate, dann kann diese Webseite einfach nur supertoll sein!
    Viel Erfolg damit :-)

    • barbtoyama said:

      Haha Kate ist noch schnell begeistert ;-) Danke vielmal Sandra!