hawaii blog circle – shadow play

One of my many personal projects this year is a blog circle with a bunch of talented, sweet and kind Hawaii photographers I had the pleasure of meeting through a workshop and have stayed in touch with.


Each month, we’ll be exploring a randomly selected theme – January’s was “shadows”. I really love challenges like these, as it helps me grow in my art by looking at things in a different way, inevitably noticing details I otherwise may not have. For example, did you know that bubbles make the prettiest shadows?

While these photos may be pretty mundane, I am happy to have these reminders, each telling a little story of our life, as it played out in the shadows during this particular January.

To see what my fellow photographers created this month, start visit Mami Wyckoff Photography’s blog, and the creator of our blog circle, Trish Barker Photography.


  • These are so great. That hand holding one is so sweet! And bubbles really do make amazing shadows!!

    • barbtoyama said:

      Thank you Trish! The handholding one is of course my favorite :)

  • Sandra said:

    Was für wunderschöne Fotos!!! Mein Favorit ist das mit dem Schatten von deinen zwei Liebsten :-)

    • barbtoyama said:

      Danke Sandra! Das ist auch mein Favorit - das sind Kate und ich. Nachdem sie mich 2 Monate lang an der Hand den ganzen Tag herumgeführt hat, rennt sie nun stolz alleine los. Ich wollte eine kleine Erinnerung an diese Zeit :)