hawaii blog circle | repetition

In the second month of our blog circle, the randomly selected theme was “repetition”.


“Piece of cake!” I thought, there is so much repetition present both in nature and our man made environment! Then however, I quickly came to realize that it’s one thing to snap photos of all those repetitive patterns, but creating emotive, visually interesting photos with a purpose is a whole other story.


So on I went to challenge myself, as that is one of the purposes of this project, to go beyond he obvious. I tried to create photos that were visually pleasing and had an artful feel to them, mostly of repetitions I saw in nature. And then I pushed myself further to create images that document our current life with Kate, and show repetition not only visually, but also in their meaning – you know, the repetition that motherhood in itself is, and all those things toddlers do over and over, which is mostly everything.


And here are the results – most of these are freelensed, a technique that is currently my muse, and also happens to be the subject of another project (if you are curious as to what this “freelensing” thing is, or want to try it yourself, I wrote an article about it for NAPCP last year which you can find here).



To follow the blog circle, visit Trish Barker Photography’s post, she’s got some gorgeous repetition photos (and is pretty funny too)!

  • LOVE the black and white tile floor!! I have that in my office and I'm obsessed with it. So funny that I didn't even think of that for this! And those floral ones are awesome. I love how you've interpreted this theme!

  • Sandra said:

    Der schweizer Anteil von kates genen kommt zum vorschein: sie übt schon mal in klettern. zuerst stühle, dann berge!
    Mein lieblingsfoto dieser serie ist jenes, auf dem kate auf einem weg davon geht. irgendwie ein wenig melancholisch.