the myth of the mess-free fruit pouch

“Life with Kate” is my 365 project – a personal project that reminds me to pick up the camera every day and document my own family.


Kate’s meals have been pretty simple – once she was ready for solids we just started feeding her whole foods. We never really did purees or pre-made baby food of any kind, but my cousin recently sent Kate some of these fruit pouches. I figured since these are touted the mess-free way for toddlers to eat fruit on the go, let’s give this a try!


Well, “mess free” is a giant myth, at least in our case… this was the biggest mess any meal has ever created. I think we’ll go back to serving fruit sliced. But hey, she certainly had a good time and the garden hose is never too far out of reach. 😉


What’s your child’s messiest food?



  • said:

    Oh my Goodness!!! But look at the amazing pics you got! love the one in the middle on the bottom (giggle)! Oh - BTW: you should definitely keep some of the fruit pouches on hand for when she is going through a rough teething phase. callen's bottom canines have been his worst ones yet! he normally doesn't fuss much with teething, but he pretty much won't eat right now. we finally figured out it was hurting him to chew. we happened to have one of these with a fruit/vegetable combo...So we popped it open and he gulped it down! we're stocking up on a few more just in case. whew! my baby isn't going to starve! :)

    • barbtoyama said:

      Ha, that one is my favorite, it cracks me up! Oh that is a great tip, I will have to remember that. Hope poor Callen feels better soon and can chew again! We've been lucky with teething too so far but I hear the molars can be very painful.